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Sterile pulveris pro parental use

Galavit phthalhydrosid salt, clear pulver of white or slightly yellow color, provided in bottles, each bottle contains 100 mg of galavit to prepare a solution by 1-2 ml sterile distilled water, ex temporal, for intramuscular administration.

Galavit id quickly and completely absorbed at the site of administration and rapidly (in 30-60 min.) broken down to its basic compounds, that have no any biological activities, and eliminates from kidney prime rally the effects stay at 6-8 hours.
The preparation has anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effects, leads to inactivation of free radicals and peroxides and inhibit hyper production of IL-1, IL-6 and TNF by macrophages. The pharmacological impact of galavit is based on the achievement of two effects: shot-lived and reversible (6-8 hours) inhibition of hyper activated macrophage's function (production of IL-1, IL-6, FNO, free radiators, peroxides and other inflammatory mediators), and normalization of antigen presenting and phagocyte capacities of macrophages. At the same time galavit is able to produce the elevation of hidden capacities of the neutrophils to kill and eliminate intracellular bacteria. Galavit does not change the normal function of phagocytes.
The effect of the preparation begins to develop during first 2-3 hours and continues at least for 7 days. During the first phase of action (6-8 hours) the detoxity and anti-inflammatory effect becomes apparent and the organism's antioxidant defense is increased, which leads to normalization of lipid oxidation, and the autoimmune reaction decrease.
During next 2-3 and up to 7 days after galavit administration phagocytosis of neutrophils increases and can be noticed the reconstruction of broken cellular and humoral immunity by stimulation of T- and B-lymphocytes cooperation. At the same period of time galavit restorates the helper/suppressor ratio and specific antibacterial IgM, IgG and IgA antibodies.
The administration of the preparation leads to NO, N02, N03 increase and activation of c-GMF-sintetase production in tissues, which display in physiologic correction of vessel's spasm. Galavit also stimulates the production of plasminogen activator by endothelial cells and prevent thrombogenesis.

Galavit is the drug of choice in the pathogenic treatment of acute and chronic infections and inflammatory diseases, including those with intoxication and diarrheas diseases, opportunistic infection, urogenital infections, autoimmune and allergic inflammatory disorders, traumatic and surgical complications of blood stream, meninges, heart, lung, joints, liver and pancreas, kidneys, complicated by septic and/or pyemic microorganism specific antibacterial and antituberculosis therapy, radiation, immunodepressive and corticosteroid therapy.

Pregnancy, idiosyncrasy

Using at the same time any other immunostimulators or biostimulators should be avoided.

Adverse reaction.
Sometimes a slight activation of sexual potent ion can be noticed.

Administration and dosage.
Galavit is used as the solution of 100 mg in sterile distilled water pro injectionibus. In most of cases it is by 100 mg per day in one injection, it might be given in 24-48-72 hours usually from 10 to 20 in number for course. In accordance to etiology, length, complication, relapse etc. Of disease the course of injections can be repeated in 1-6 months.

Acute intestinal infections.
First dose has to be 200 mg, then - 100 mg, 2-3 times per day. Usually, 2-3 injections are enough.

Chronic and opportunistic infections.
The daily dose is 100 mg in 24-72 hours. Total number 10-20 injections.

Immunodeficiency, trauma, surgery complications.
100 mg per day during 5 days, then - 100 mg per day in 48-72 hours up to 20-25 in number.

Immunocorrection in oncological patients (cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, etc.), subjected to complex radical therapy, incl. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy
100 mg per day during 5 days (in 24 hours), then 100 mg per day in 72 hours. 20-25 doses total.

Anglopathey (incl. diabetic) 100 mg per day during 5-10 days, then in 48-72 hours up to 20-25 in total

Ulcer of stomach, ulcerous colitis, cutaneaus ulcers etc.
Intramuscular injections of 100-200 mg ofgalavit 1-2 times per day, 10-20 in total.
It is possible to administrate paraulceral injections in 100-200 mg ofgalavit once in 48-96 hours, 3-4 injections in total.

Autoimmune syndromes.
100 mg per day during 5 days, then - 100 mg per day in 48-72 hours up to 20-25 in number.

Reactive arthritis, incl. rheumatisms.
Intramuscular injections of 100 mg daily, in a day or once in 3 days, 10-20 total. If inflammation is severe, first 2-3 injections shall to be of 200-300 mg, then 100 mg, 10-20 total.

Galavit should be stored away from heat and light, up to 2 years. The preparation shall not be used in solution, if prepared not ex temporal pro injections and not after the date stamped on the label.

Preparation of Galavit for parenteral use is manufactured in Belgorod "VitaminPlant" by joint-stock company "Medicor"
Russia, Moscow, +7 (095) 449-0392, WWW.medicor.ru

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