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Sir Angus Tait recently knighted for his achievements in the electronic industry.  CEO of Tait Electronics. PDF FORMAT

Hugh Fletcher, as CEO of Fletcher Challenge, the largest New Zealand manufacturing group, one of New Zealand's most highly regarded Captains of Industry is not affraid to speak his own mind in his 1998 address: "In the 15 years since New Zealand opened up to the forces of globalisation, we have performed dismally, both economically and socially.  "Game Theory tells us that a small player's best prospect of winning comes from playing the game differently.


Gilbert Ullrich , as CEO of Ullrich Industries one of New Zealand's foremost manufacturers and exporters: "Removing tariff protection is sort of economic nudism which will only work if the rest of the world wants to join a nudist club. At present they are being a bit more discreet (or sensible). One question though, perhaps they have more to show?

Gilbert Ullrich Address to Wanganui Rotatry Club
Recently released figures show that 22,500 kiwis left for Australia, and in my mind this is an appalling loss to our country."