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"Wehrhafte Medizin!"

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Info zur Galavit-Produktion

Indian Business Review vom 15 July 2000, Vol. III No. 7

The Delhi-based Kee Pharmaceuticals Ltd (KPL) is planning to launch at least 12 new products in the biotechnology segment in the next three years. These include Recombinant Streptokinase (which dissolves intra-coronary clots to prevent fatal heart attacks), Epidermal Growth Factor (a healing and antiseptic agent for treatment of burns) and Gamma Interferon (for auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid Arthritis and sclerosis). Other new products planned are Interferon natural and interferon alpha 2b, Recombinant Interleukin IB, Recombinant Erythropoietin, GALAVIT and Rabies vaccine. "Some of these products will be launched by the company for the first time in India. With the launch of these products, the company will mark its presence in various therapeutic segments, especially in the field of oncology and cardiology and immunology,'' Mr. Anil Motihar, Managing Director, KPL said.

"The company has already applied for the trademark registration for six new products. The first product -- Streptokinase (brand name - Cardiostrep) will be launched in September this year,'' Mr. Motihar said. It has launched a new division 'Kee Biogenetics' for its biotechnology products. It has tied up with Heber Biotec, S.A. of Cuba, which is currently working on some advanced biotechnology products.

KPL has also tied up with the State Scientific Centre Research Institute, Institute of Polio Myelitis and the centre of modern medicine `Medicor'.

All these institutes are acclaimed in the field of biotechnology products and vaccines in Russia. The company is also in talks with the Bangalore-based Biotech Company -- Biocon -- for a synergistic arrangement to manufacture Hepatitis B and cancer drugs in India.

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